Law & Order collapsed in Karnataka under Congress government : Amit Shah

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In the run up to 2018 assembly elections in the state, Bharatiya Janata Party National President Shri Amit Shah visited for a stock-taking meeting in Karnataka and met with Karnataka unit of the BJP mainly elected representatives, senior leaders of the party from the state, district presidents and other office bearers of the party on 31 December, 2017 in Bengaluru.

BJP National President outlined a detailed strategy to win Karnataka in the upcoming assembly elections and also reviewed work assigned to MLAs and MLCs on his pet project; the ‘Booth-Level Management’ allotted to them in an earlier visit.
After the meeting Union Minister Shri Ananth Kumar informed the media that Shri Amit Shah instructed the Karnataka unit of the party to highlight the shortcomings and misrule of the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government, strengthen grassroots of the organization of BJP prior to the elections.

“The single point agenda of today’s special meet was to discuss ways to uproot Congress misrule and in the next two months, make preparations for grassroots level campaign to bring BJP back to power in the southern state,” Shri Kumar said.

Shri Shah had also given the political pointers on which the entire campaign would be run. “The Siddaramaiah government is responsible for Karnataka’s bad state today. We will specifically talk about Siddaramaiah and the Congress’s bad administration, the rampant corruption in the state, how law and order has collapsed. Siddaramaiah’s government is anti-Hindu and all his policies are against the majority community Hindus. This has impacted communal harmony,” he outlined.

During the last five years of Congress rule none of the Congress legislators have fulfilled their promises. Therefore, the party workers have been instructed to frame ‘chargesheet’ against Congress legislators to highlight the failed promises of the incumbent government.

The BJP President also instructed to carry out at least one convention for backward classes, dalits, women in all 224 constituencies of the state over the next 60 days. The party will also go deeper in strengthening grassroots with ‘Panna Pramukh’ (one worker for around 20 voters).

Shri Shah has also directed that the BJP Yuva Morcha take up a “Jana Jaagruthi Abhiyana”; a programme to highlight the shortcomings of the Congress government in the state, beside political conventions targeting women, Dalits and other backward castes. “We will set up additional booth committees comprising OBC, women and dalit members for each booth. We will also set up Nava Shakti Kendras that will hold conventions in each assembly segment”, he said.

During his address Shri Shah said, after BJP’s electoral victories in several state elections including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh among others, now the Karyakartas have to focus on Karnataka, as the state heads into elections in 2018.

Shri Shah continued to attack Siddaramaiah over fledgling law and order situation in the state, forcing an agrarian crisis and running a corrupt government in the country and said the party will use these issues among other issues as part of its campaign. Shri Amit Shah also said Karnataka is significant for the BJP and for its efforts of a ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’.

Noteworthy, in the last visit to Karnataka, the BJP President strongly instructed the state unit to corner the state government over corruption charges, Income Tax department raids on ministers, fledgling law and order situation in the state among other issues. Post his visit, the former CM Shri Yeddyurappa has undertaken a 75 day Parivarthana Yatra across the state to highlight the shortcomings of the Siddaramaiah government.