‘Lotus will bloom in West Bengal’

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‘Jansampark Samavesh’, West Bengal

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah who was on a two-day visit to West Bengal attended massive public rallies and told a huge ‘Jansampark Samavesh’ rally at Birbhum on 15 April, 2023 that the only way to end corruption, cow smuggling and recruitment scams in West Bengal was by ending the misrule perpetrated by Mamata Banerjee and her nephew Abhishek Banerjee.

Shri Shah said, “Today, Bengal is a hub of corruption, appeasement, bomb blasts, infiltration, cow smuggling and if you want to end this misrule then Didi’s government has to be brought down…the only way to free Bengal of the corrupt and tyrannical rule of the TMC then the BJP must get 35 MP seats from Bengal then only the rule of terror will end here.”

He said with blessings and support of the people of West Bengal the Lotus will bloom in the state and the BJP will win 35 seats in the state. And this is because the people of West Bengal have already decided to make Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister once again.

The only way to get West Bengal rid of the crimes and atrocities of Didi and Nephew is the entry of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The only way to end misrule and massive corruption of the Trinamool Congress party government in West Bengal is the Bharatiya Janata Party. The only way to end illegal immigration in West Bengal is the Bharatiya Janata Party. The only way to end smuggling of cows in West Bengal is the Bharatiya Janata Party. He added that the Bharatiya Janata Party is the solution to all the ills of the Trinamool Congress party government in West Bengal.

“I appeal to people of West Bengal to let the Lotus bloom in West Bengal once, and it will end bomb blasts in the state, no one will dare to attack Ram Navami processions, no one will dare to commit atrocities against women, there will be no killings, no illegal immigration, no smuggling of cows, and no corruption. The Bharatiya Janata Party government will bring good and efficient governance in the state,” Shri Shah said.

‘Gehlot governmenta hub of corruption’

Booth-Level Workers meet, Rajasthan

While addressing a Booth-Level Party Workers meeting in Bharatpur, Rajasthan on 15 April 2023, Union Home Minister and Cooperation Shri Amit Shah said the infighting in Rajasthan Congress party is so severe that the party will always give precedence to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over Sachin Pilot as his contribution is higher in filling its coffers with the corruption money from the state.

The Union Home Minister said, “Gehlot has made the Rajasthan government a hub of corruption and has looted the state. This money of corruption has gone to the coffers of the Congress party”.

On the acquittal of the accused in the 2008 Jaipur bomb blast case, Shri Shah said the Congress government did not present proper arguments in the High Court due to vote bank politics. “The government is doing vote bank politics on the deaths of blast victims,” he added.

Shri Amit Shah said the Gehlot-led Congress government is a 3-D government in Rajasthan and three Ds stand for ‘Dange’, ‘Durvyavhar’ with women and ‘Dalit’ atrocities.

People will vote out the government in upcoming elections and the BJP will form the government with a 2/3 majority in the assembly elections and will again win all 25 seats in Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan, he said.

He said the BJP will go to elections on the basis of the work of the Modi government, the party ideology and the popularity of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
He said, “Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government is one of the most corrupt governments in the history of Rajasthan. People are fed up”.