Modi government Creates History !

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                                                Jammu & Kashmir Fully Integrated,

                                                         Article 370 & 35A revoked

The Union government led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in a path breaking and historical decision revoked on August 5 Article 370 of the Constitution through Presidential notification that grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir. The BJP had been opposing the special status since the days of Jana Sangh. The revoked follows the Union Government introducing the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill in Parliament.

In the Rajya Sabha Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah brought two resolutions and two bills regarding Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). One resolution of Constitution (Application to Jammu & Kashmir) Order, 2019 {Ref. Article 370(1) of Constitution of India} – issued by President of India to supersede the 1954 order related to Article 370. And second one was to revoke of Article 370 of the Constitution of India {Ref. Article 370 (3)}. Announcing the path breaking decision by the Government, Shri Shah said “The Government is moving a resolution which would repeal the provisions under Article 370 of the Constitution of India,whichgranted a special status to the state of J&K. The provisions of Article 370 would cease to exist from the date President of India issues a notification in this regard, after the recommendation of the Parliament. Consequently, the Constitution of India would get applicable to J&K, on par with other states/UTs of the country, the Minister added. Responding to apprehensions on the resolution and the future of J&K,Shri Shah said,“I would just say that the bill that the Government is bringing is historic. Article 370 has prevented J&K to merge with India rather than being a basis of its merger. The politics of vote bank has looted the youth of the state for over 70 years. I would call on the opposition members to debate and discuss on why the benefits of development were not allowed to reach the common people of J&K till now. Politics of religion must be avoided at all costs. Article 370 is equally harmful for people of all religions”, the Minister said. Further, the Minister termed the provisions of Article 370 as discriminatory on the basis of gender, class, caste and place of origin. The youth is being taken for a ride by the political elite.

This provision was temporary in the first place and it has to go in the larger interest of the people of J&K, he added. Under article 370(3), there is a provision that President, on recommendation of the Parliament, has the power to amend or cease the implementation of article 370, through a public notification. This has already happened on a number of occasions in the past. The Home Minister pointed out to the opposition that everyone knows how the article 370 is hampering the development of the people of the state.

Shri Shah said that post the repeal of the Article 370, doors to private investment in J&K would be opened, which would in turn increase the potential for development there. Increased investments would lead to increased job creation and further betterment of socio-economic infrastructure in the state. Opening of buying of lands would bring in investments from private individuals and multinational companies and give a boost to the local economy, as opposed to the apprehensions raised by those opposing this historic step, he added. Home Minister remembered the martyrdom of civilians and soldiers who have lost their lives during 1989-2018. He said that had article 370 would not been there, these people wouldn’t have lost their lives.Refugees who came from Pakistan after partition did not get citizenship till now. They cannot become councillors in the state. This has been a historical injustice to these people. As opposed to this, in rest of India two Prime Ministers were elected from those refugees.

Shri Shah said because of article 370, democracy never took root in J&K, corruption flourished, widespread poverty took root and no socio-economic infrastructure could come up. It is the root cause of terrorism. Further, 73rdand 74thAmendments to the Constitution could not be applied to J&K due to article 370. Panchayat and NagarPalika elections could not be held. Who is responsible for taking away democratic rights of the people of J&K which were available to other citizens of India? It was Article 370.Panchayat elections recently held were conducted successfully and peacefully. The people want democracy and not bloodshed., the Minister said. Talking about economic backwardness in J&K.

Shri Shah said article 370 impedes people from outside the state to do business there. Absence of economic competition has prevented development and corruption flourished.Land prices are at a rock bottom because no one can buy land there. No industry, including tourism, is allowed to flourish there. People remain poor in perpetuity despite presence of abundant economic opportunities for the local populace. Rampant corruption is present, thus preventing external investment in the state.

The Home Minister said, “I want to tell the Kashmiri youth that article 370 holds no benefits for them. It would only benefit a few elite people who want to keep the youth poor for ever and corner all benefits for themselves. Despite so much funds being provided by the Centre, where are the educational and health facilities? Those who support article 370 must know that this article prevents professionals from outside the state to settle down in the state and hence no one wants to go there. Now, the moment this resolution is passed and article 370 is removed, each child would get right of education and each patient would get free health care under Ayushman Bharat.”

Further addressing the Kashmiri youth, the Home Minister said, “We want to embrace the youth of J&K and give them flourishing opportunities of employment. Even the separate bill for reservation for economically backward classes would not be required if the resolution is passed in both houses as the provision will get automatically applied to J&K, as in rest of India”.

Talking about terrorism, Shri Shah said that the youth has been misguided to pursue jihad on Pakistan’s nefarious designs. Thousands of civilians have died. Why? It has been a stated policy of Pakistan to support article 370 and keep the youth away from getting into the mainstream of development and brain wash them into jihad. All the political parties with separatist ideology have vested interests to continue article 370. Their children do not get killed in the blood shed caused due to terrorism, hence support the article. Rebutting the apprehension that removing article 370 would destroy Kashmiri culture, Shri Shah said that all states have preserved their culture and language after becoming a part of the Union of India. How does article 370 protect J&K on this aspect, he asked. It is only and only a political propaganda that has blinded the youth of Kashmir into believing it for 70 years.“I assure the youth of J&K that give this government 5 year and it will become the most progressive region in the country”, the Minister said. Daughters of the state marrying outside the state lose their rights to property. It is so discriminatory to the women and their children. SC and ST people have been discriminated against and have been deprived of reservation to political offices. Despite knowing this a few people have been perpetuating this article only for their political gains, the Minister said. Shri Shah assured the House that if the Union Territory model works well, our government would also consider giving J&K the status of state again. No constitutional amendment would be required.

J&K would become a true part of India in letter and spirit once article 370 is removed. The path to solution to all the problems of Kashmir goes through the repealing of article 370. This step would stand strong and would pass the test of legal scrutiny. Article 370was a temporary and transient provision, it had to go. It only required political will, which only the present government had. “I give a heartfelt appeal to all political parties to rise above political considerations to join hand with the government to remove article 370. The country wants this united as one”, the Minister concluded, after which all the resolutions and bills relating to J&K were passed.

Shri Amit Shah introduced the Jammu and Kashmir (Reorganisation) Bill, 2019 making Jammu & Kashmir a Union territory with a Legislative Assembly,along with Union Territory status to Ladakh without a Legislative Assembly. Further, the Jammu & Kashmir Reservation (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2019 to amend the Jammu & Kashmir Reservation Act 2004 was also introduced. This bill seeks to extend the 10% quota to economically weaker sections of society in J&K in jobs and educational institutions in addition to the existing reservation under the Act. Both bills were passed by Rajya Sabha. While 125 member voted in the favour of the Bill and only 61 voted against the Bill. The Reorganization bill was passed by Lok Sabha with thumping votes of 270 members on August 6.

‘Passing of landmark Bills on Jammu and Kashmir
a momentous occasion in Parliamentary Democracy’

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on August 6 welcomed the passing of bills pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir as “a momentous occasion in our Parliamentary democracy”.

In a series of tweets Prime Minister was hopeful that “Together we shall rise and together we fulfil the dreams of 130 Crore Indians!”

He Said, “I salute my sisters and brothers of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for their courage and resilience.”

The Prime Minister further said “For years, vested interest groups who believed in emotional blackmail never cared for people’s empowerment. J&K is now free from their shackles. A new dawn, better tomorrow awaits!”

Shri Narendra Modi said, “The Bills pertaining to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh will ensure integration and empowerment. These steps will bring the youth into the mainstream and give them innumerable opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. Local infrastructure will significantly improve.”

He specially congratulated the people of Ladakh. “It is a matter of great joy that their long-standing demand of being declared a Union Territory has been fulfilled. This decision will give impetus to the overall prosperity of the region and ensure better developmental facilities” he said.

The Prime Minister said, “The passage of key Bills pertaining to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are a fitting tribute to the great Sardar Patel, who worked for India’s unity, Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar, whose views are well known and Dr. SP Mookerjee who devoted his life for India’s unity and integrity.”

He said, “In Parliament, political parties rose to the occasion, overcame ideological differences and took part in a rich debate that increased the pride of our Parliamentary democracy. For that, I congratulate all MPs, various political parties and their leaders.”

The Prime Minister in a separate tweet said “People of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh would be proud that MPs overcame differences and discussed the future of these regions as well as ensuring peace, progress and prosperity there. The widespread support can be clearly seen in the final numbers, 125:61 in RS and 370:70 in LS.”
He said, “India’s Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, M Venkaiah Naidu Garu as well as Speaker Om Birla Kota Ji conducted proceedings of both Houses in an excellent manner, for which they deserve praise from the entire nation.“

He specially congratulated Home Minister Shri Amit Shah. “Our Home Minister Amit Shah Ji has been continuously working towards ensuring a better life for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. His commitment and diligence is clearly visible in the passage of these Bills. I would like to specially congratulate Amit Bhai!”

JP Nadda Congratulates PM and HM

The BJP National Working President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda on August 5 congratulated Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Home Minister Shri Amit Shah for the historic decision and achievement to abolish Article 370 and 35A of constitution. He heartily thanked all the Members of Parliament who supported it and expressed this as the golden day for the unity and integrity of India. He also congratulated the people of the country on the decision to repeal Articles 370 and 35A.

In a series of tweets with #BharatEkHai tagline Shri Nadda said that this day will be marked in golden words in the history of India repealing the Article 370 and 35A to restore the country’s unity and integrity and connecting Kashmir with development by bringing this resolution. He said that this historic occasion of connecting the poor, the oppressed, the underprivileged, youth, women of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh will always be celebrated by the fellow countrymen. He said that it is clear from today’s historic decision that two legislations, two heads and two marks will not be acceptable in the country. Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of India, and will always remain so.

The Working President said that the Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Center under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and paid a true tribute to our beloved Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, the founder of the Jana Sangh. Mookerjee’s supreme sacrifice has become successful today. Today, there will be no “two laws, two principal, two marks”. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! He said that today’s decision has opened the door for development of Jammu and Kashmir, on whose strength the foundation of a developed Jammu and Kashmir will be laid.
Today the Honorable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, while presenting four resolutions simultaneously in the Upper House of Parliament, proposed to remove all the clauses of Article 370 except Article 370 (1) of the Constitution from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, he also proposed to bifurcation of entire state into two parts with Jammu & Kashmir as a Union territory with assembly and Ladakh as Union territory. The Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill, which was introduced in the Rajya Sabha, was passed by 125 votes in favor and 61 votes against the bill. The Bill contains provisions for the separation of Ladakh from Jammu Kashmir and granting Union Territory status to both. Apart from this, a bill for 10% reservation for the poor of the general class has also been passed in Jammu and Kashmir.

Thank you PM @narendramodi ji for the kind words. Your commitment and desire to improve lives of people in J&K and Ladakh cannot be put in words. This wouldn’t have been possible without your resolve. I join millions of Indians to thank you on this historic day.
— Amit Shah

Narendra Modi @narendramodi
Our Home Minister @AmitShah Ji has been continuously working towards ensuring a better life for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. His commitment and diligence is clearly visible in the passage of these Bills. I would like to specially congratulate Amit Bhai! @HMOIndia

The step taken by Honorable Prime minister has paved the way for development of the Kashmir.The four and five families was obstacle in development of Kashmir. With abrogation of article 370 the speed of development of Kashmir will take fast pace.
— Yogi Adityanath

The decision to reverse the situation created by Panditji needed clarity, vision and determination. It also needed political courage. The Prime Minister has created history through his absolute clarity and determination.
— Arun Jaitley

NDA government under leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra has made new history. With making free Jammu & Kashmir from article 370 It has fulfilled dream of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee. This decision reflects the willpower of making national unity strong.
— Nitin Gadkari

It is a historic day for the country today when Parliament has abrogated the Article 370 and passed the bills empowering the people of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. It marks a new beginning in our history. I congratulate PM Shri @narendramodi for his bold and courageous leadership.
— Rajnath Singh

I am happy with the Government’s decision to revoke Article 370 and I believe that it is a bold step towards strengthening national integration. The scrapping of Article 370 has been a part of BJP’s core ideology since the days of Jan Sangh. I congratulate the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Shri Amit Shah for this historic initiative and pray for peace, prosperity and progress in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
— L.K Advani