Narendra Modi’s creative ideas to curb land encroachment

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PM Modi Story                                                                   By: Kharabela Swain

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s out of the box suggestions; coming up with creative solutions to challenges and converting them into opportunities truly stand out.

One such event took place during the National Highway Project in Balasore, Odisha. Shri Kharabela Swain, Former Lok Sabha MP from Odisha talks about how Shri Narendra Modi gave creative ideas to not only solve the challenges but also serve as an opportunity for the future.

While the National Highway Project was going on, a horde of people started encroaching the space on both sides of the highway. I went to Shri Narendra Modi, seeking a solution to this encroachment problem.

Shri Modi suggested that the authorities building up the national highway should not leave any space on either side of the road. He then said that since it is a 4-lane road, ask the authorities to leave space in between the two lanes, making it two lanes each on either side of the leftover space.

Shri Modi then continued, saying that doing this will help increase the 4-lane highway to 6-lane highway in the future, using the leftover space. If this space is left on the sides of the highway lanes, people will encroach and it will get difficult to get the space for road expansion in the future.

Shri Narendra Modi has always had this foresight of coming up with creative solutions to challenges and converting them into effortless future opportunities. His suggestions often gave an inventive touch to dealing with problems and put it to use for the nation’s development and the welfare of the people. By giving such ideas, Shri Modi tends to train all the karyakartas, giving them lessons in the best possible way by coming up with instantaneous yet far-sighted solutions.