Jaimangal Singh – Fought For The Interests of Farmers & Laborers

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Late Shri Jaimangal Singh became a member of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh in 1961 and was engaged with the organisation ever since. In 1971, he contested the Piro Vidhan Sabha elections on the ticket of Bharatiya Jana Sangh. In 1974, he conducted Satyagraha with his colleagues in front of the Ara Collectorate during which he, along with 98 of his companions, were jailed. In 1975, after the Emergency declaration by Indira Gandhi, he was arrested under MISA and was sent to Ara Jail.

After the formation of BJP, he became the state executive member, and later, was given the responsibility of organisation in charge of Shahabad. During the Shri Ram

Janmabhoomi Karseva, he was lodged in Ghazipur Jail in Uttar Pradesh. In 1994, on his way to Kashmir, he was arrested at Kanpur railway station. In 1995, when vocal protests against the Naxalites took place, he led the gathering at many places. He always fought for the interests of farmers and laborers. On 24 March 1998, he was shot and killed by the Naxalites.