Janaushadhi Diwas: PM Modi says government is committed to maintain the best health standards for every citizen

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today interacted with the beneficiaries and owners of Jan Aushadhi kendras across the country through video conferencing.

In an interaction on the occasion of Janaushadhi Diwas, he said that this scheme has fortified every person by providing access to medicines irrespective of their economical status. The Prime Minister said that medicines at these centres are available at a reduced price of around 50 to 90 percent less than the market price. Shri Modi said, the government is committed to maintain the best health standards for every citizen. Reiterating that, the government is committed to identify obstacles in achieving the goal of economical treatment, he said, the availability of good hospitals and staff remain his priority.

Prime Minister Modi said that every month more than one crore people benefit from these centres. Beneficiaries and owners of Jan Aushadhi kendra from Varanasi, Pulwama, Dehradun, Muzaffarpur, Coimbatore, Pune and Guwahati spoke on various aspects of the scheme and thanked him for his endeavours.

Establishment of new hospitals, wellness centres and increasing MBBS seats in colleges are some of the steps aimed at bringing health care within the reach of every citizen. He said the measures to regulate prices of over 1000 critical medicines have saved more than Rs 12000 crore of the public.

Prime Minister suggested medical practitioners should prescribe generic medicines to cut down their effective cost. He said that generic medicines made in India are in huge demand all over the world for their high standards and they are in no way less efficient than other medicines available in the market.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi asked people not to panic by the rumours over the spread of coronavirus. He suggested people to follow the traditional Indian way of saying Namaste instead of the usual handshake to reduce the chances of transmission of infection.

Shri Modi urged people to consult doctors in case of any symptoms of fever, cough or sore throat rather than resorting to self treatment methods.