Online APAR for Indian Trade Service SPARROW-ITS launched

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In accordance with the Government of India’s policy to introduce online Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) for Group ‘A’ services, Smt. Rita Teotia,Commerce Secretary launched the SPARROW-ITS (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window) on May 31, to enable the Indian Trade Service (ITS) officers to fill their APAR online for the year 2016-17 onwards. The APARs would be generated and transmitted online to the concerned officers for filling up of the self appraisal. The officer can then submit the self appraisal online through Digitally Signed Signature (DSC) or through E-sign.

The subsequent processes of reporting and reviewing would also be done online by the Reporting and Reviewing Officer by using DSC or E-sign. The timelines have been drawn up for each stage of the process. The entire process of filling up of APAR would have to be completed by 31st December and no remarks can be added after that date.

The very idea of switch over from manual to online system is to ensure ready access of APAR dossier by the authorized users, preventing loss of APARs in transition, address the issues of ante-dating, remarks recorded by the Reporting Authorities without dates, etc.