PM Modi’s exemplary behaviour with others

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PM Modi Story                                                                              By : Annamalai

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is known for his humility and respectful demeanour towards others. PM Shri Modi every now and then exemplifies how individuals at higher positions should conduct themselves and treat others.
There have been many incidents within public domain where PM Shri Modi’s respectful behaviour with his fellow citizen were evident. Here is another example from Tamil Nadu.

The state BJP president of Tamil Nadu, Shri Annamalai recalls an incident in Chennai when PM Shri Modi was on tour of the state.

PM Shri Modi was meeting a few dignitaries in Chennai when two wheelchair-bound senior citizens came to meet him. They were supposed to cross stairs in order to

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reach the room where PM Shri Modi was meeting other people.

When PM Shri Modi was informed about these senior citizens who had come to meet him, PM Shri Modi himself came out to avoid any hardships to the two elderly gentlemen. PM Shri Modi met the two senior citizen with warmth, spoke with them and gave them the due respect. No one present there felt for a single second that the Prime Minister of the country is meeting with the two gentlemen.

At the end of the meeting, the two elderly people tried to take the blessings from PM Shri Modi. But to everyone’s surprise, PM Shri Modi touched their feet and took their blessings. This was another gesture by PM Shri Modi which touched the hearts of all the people who were present there during the meeting.

Shri Annamalai says that PM Shri Modi is one leader whose every act is a learning for party workers and all other people. His behaviour with two wheelchair-bound senior citizen was something for us to learn and it also tells us, “How a person at the top should behave with others.”