Rahul Gandhi publicly humiliates people belonging to a particular surname ‘Modi’

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BJP Press on Court sentence to Rahul Gandhi on defamation case

Salient points of press conference By Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on 23 March, 2023

Surat Sessions Court has sentenced Rahul Gandhi to 2 years in the defamation case. Congress leaders are talking a lot in this matter, but they are not telling what Rahul Gandhi had said, due to which he was sued for defamation.

‘Modi’ surname is a caste indicator word

• In fact, during the 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign, Rahul Gandhi had said in Karnataka that why all thieves have Modi as their surname? After all, what was the meaning of this statement of Rahul Gandhi? ‘Modi’ surname is a caste indicator word; many people with ‘Modi’ surname are sportsmen, doctors, engineers, leaders, professionals, businessmen etc. If Rahul Gandhi said such a thing on the surname ‘Modi’, shouldn’t legal action be taken against him?
• If Rahul Gandhi publicly humiliates people belonging to a particular surname in such a way that one whose surname is ‘Modi’ is a thief, then the case of defamation is absolutely made out. In this case, a proper hearing was held in the Surat Sessions Court and Rahul Gandhi was also given a proper opportunity to present his case.

Rahul is on bail regarding surname issue in Patna

• After a full hearing in the Surat Sessions Court, the sentence has been pronounced in the defamation case against Rahul Gandhi. On the other hand, BJP leader Shri Sushil Kumar Modi has also registered a case against Rahul Gandhi in Patna regarding the surname issue. In that case also Rahul Gandhi is on bail.
• If Rahul Gandhi thinks he has the right to abuse and humiliate anyone, then the person aggrieved by his abuse also has the right to file a defamation case.

Comment of Congress President is surprising

• The comment of Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge is surprising when he says that the judges of the court were changed repeatedly in this case. This simply means that Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge does not even have faith in the judicial system of the country.

Even in Rafale case, Rahul Gandhi questioned court’s decision

• It is not that Rahul Gandhi has said such a thing for the first time. Even in the Rafale case, Rahul Gandhi questioned the court’s decision and then apologized. We respect criticism, but Rahul Gandhi does not criticize, Rahul Gandhi defames the country, defames democracy and defames the people of the country.
• In the recent elections held in the North East, the Congress had to face a crushing defeat. Mr Rahul, just because people don’t vote for you doesn’t mean you have the right to blame them , doesn’t mean you have a license to malign India and its democratic values on foreign soil.

Sowing seeds of hatred against the country

• Rahul Gandhi said that I believe in truth and non-violence. Does believing in truth and non-violence mean going to foreign land and abusing your country? The ugly things he had said towards the country in the past are in public domain.
• Rahul Gandhi has been sowing seeds of hatred against the country by going abroad to defame India.

Rahul Gandhi said in London that India’s democracy is under attack

• Rahul Gandhi also said in London that India’s democracy is under attack. The voice of democracy has been suppressed in the country. Rahul Gandhi also said that Jammu and Kashmir is a very violent state. Whereas in the last eight years, there has been a lot of decrease in violent incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. The result of restoration of peace in Jammu and Kashmir is that Rahul ji came to Srinagar hoisting the tricolor.