SP-Cong alliance a sinking ship : Mohan Yadav

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Rally in Mahoba-Hamirpur, UP

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Mohan Yadav while campaigning for the BJP candidate Pushpendra Singh Chandel contesting the Lok Sabha election from Mahoba-Hamirpur parliamentary seat on 14 May, 2024 attacked the opposition. He said SP has formed an alliance with Congress but it is a sinking ship and is bound to fail.

“If you have to make an alliance, sit on a vehicle that sails you across. You have made an alliance with a sinking ship,” he said. “Our government will be formed this year and Lord Krishna will smile inside Mathura”, he further said.

In the public meeting organized at Panwadi town, MP CM Shri Mohan Yadav also narrated many incidents of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna due to which the election rally kept resonating with the chants of Lord Shri Ram.

The CM said that the public has decided to make Shri Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time. Shri Modi has made a corruption-free India. New dimensions of development have been created, he further said.

The Chief Minister said the Congress created fear among the people at the time of the abrogation of Article 370. When Article 370 was being abrogated, Congress said that if this happens then rivers of blood will flow in the country. However, the entire country is celebrating as the stigma of Article 370 was wiped off, Shri Yadav said. The people of Kashmir are so happy that even those in PoK are seeking to include them in India as it is hard to make ends meet in Pakistan, he added.