‘Use Modern Offices to Take Party and Nation Forward’

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BJP National President Shri JP Nadda said the establishment and inauguration of BJP offices in various districts threw light on the journey of the party. Addressing the party workers after inaugurating the newly constructed regional office of BJP, Gorakhpur region, and eight district party offices, Shri Nadda said, “In 2014 when PM Shri Modi took the reins of the country, he came to the party office located on Ashok Road. He asked if I knew since when the party office had been working. I told him since the inception of the BJP. The bungalow in which the party office is running was allotted to party leader Nanaji Deshmukh. He told us that it was his desire that party office should be established in each division and district of the country.”

The then BJP National President Shri Amit Shah prepared a plan to set up 512 party offices across the country. Today, 230 offices have been established and construction of 150 party offices is in progress. In U.P., out of 72 offices 69 have opened in various districts,” he said.

“The modern and fully equipped offices of the party should be used to strengthen the organisation. When he did not have offices, we used to run in rented buildings and many a time we were not in a position to pay even the office rent. Now we have made the BJP biggest political party and constructed grand offices for the workers,” Shri Nadda added.