World will get to know Modi better through G20

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PM Modi Story                                                                              By: Tony Abbott

As India hosts G20 this year in Delhi and PM Shri Narendra Modi welcomes delegates for the event, the world is looking at India with greater hopes to lead the free world ahead. India under the leadership of PM Shri Modi has emerged as the ray of hope for the world for a better future.

Former Australian Prime Minister Mr. Tony Abbott provides insights into the pivotal role of India under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi in the 21st century.

Shri Narendra Modi had a great reputation from his time in Gujarat as someone who could get things done. So, I was very keen to make the most of my opportunities to get close to Shri Modi ji. I think we did actually get quite close on that first trip when he came to Australia for the G20 meet in 2014. We were quite like-minded on China, we were quite like-minded on trade and then of course he came for the G20 in 2014 and he didn’t just come for the G20, he then stayed for a state visit where Shri Modi got an absolute rockstar welcome everywhere he went, recalls Mr. Abbott.

As per Mr. Tony Abbott, if the 19th century was a British century and the 20th century was an American century, there is every reason to hope that the 21st century will be an Indian century.

He says that this will be a lot better than a Chinese century.

“I often say that if there is to be a leader of the Free World in 50 or 100-years’ time, it’s at least as likely to be the Indian Prime Minister, as it is to be the US President”, says Mr. Abbott.

“G20 event will be an opportunity for the rest of the world to get to know Shri Modi better. I am sure, the more they serve and the more impressed they’ll be. I certainly hope that Shri Narendra Modi is there for a long time to come,” says Abbott hoping that India will lead the world ahead with the vision of PM Shri Modi taking the nation ahead.