Big blow to doomsayers!

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As people surged in massive numbers to attend ‘Gujarat Gurarav Sammelan’, the scenario of the coming assembly elections in Gujarat became clear. Those who expected to pose soem kind of challenge to BJP were given a message by the people who came forward to express their support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cheered him for his vision for Gujarat and the development which has dawned on the state under his leadership. Similar responses are visible in Himachal Pradesh, people are coming out in large numbers to support BJP. The politics of performance and urge for development is winning over the Congress politics of dynasty, caste and corruption. People are realizing that the mantra of development is the only way out for the nation to move forward and attain greatness in the days to come. The affection and love of the people which Narendra Modi is getting is making him more determined in carrying forward his agenda of development across the nation. It is his vision and hard work which now inspires the nation in nurturing the aspirations which till a few years back was considered impossible to achieve. The achievements so far appear incredible for a country which just three years back was steeped in corruption, misrule and policy paralysis under Congress led UPA rule.

Sometime back the nation suddenly witnessed a crop of doomsayers of the economy criticising the government for showing the political will and determination to implement economic policies set to transform the economy with an eye on long-term goals. They found an opportunity in the wake of some transitional pangs when the mammoth exercise to implement GST was started. It was already expected some short term confusions needed to be dispelled and need based corrective measures were required as part of the process. As the things stand now, the doomsayers have started to run for cover as these reforms are receiving praises across the world. World Bank President Jim Yong Kim while saying that GST will have a huge positive impact on the Indian economy felt slowdown in India’s economic growth in first quarter was an “aberration” and mainly due to a temporary disruption caused by preparations for the GST. While echoing the same sentiments and expecting “a very solid track ahead for the Indian economy” IMF chief Christine Lagarde has said , “We very much hope that the combination of fiscal, because the deficit has been reduced, inflation has been down significantly, and the structural reforms will actually deliver the jobs that the Indian population, particularly the young Indian people expect in the future”.Predicting on the same line the global financial services major Morgan Stanley has said that August IIP may improve as GST-related impact would wane. In almost all the reports Indian economy has been seen in positive light and won applauses for showing political will to undertake structural reforms.

Today while Narendra Modi and BJP represents hope, hard work, political will and determination to take India to newer heights meeting the aspirations of the people, there are people who want to plunge nation into pessimism through their false propaganda and misleading arguments. The doomsayers are not the people who believe in genuine and constructive criticism of the public policies but are the ones who want to create doubts for their petty political gains. The doomsayers fail to understand that the politics of pessimism practised by them is further marginalizing them in Indian politics and pushing them to the periphery. Today India is rising as a confident nation which is ready to take bold steps under the charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi and willing to walk with the world with its head held high. The overwhelming support of the people across the nation is getting reflected in elections after elections and people are voting for BJP more resolutely than before. In such a scenario the people of Gujarat and Himachal are set to give yet another blow to the doomsayers!