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Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda has been elected unopposed as the new national president of BJP. Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda represents the illustrious tradition of BJP wherein the journey of a ‘Karyakarta’ can take him to the highest position of responsibility in the party. The newly elected party president has successfully shouldered many crucial responsibilities in the organization and enjoys the confidence of entire rank and file of the party. The party is set to continue its onward march under his presidentship in the days to come.

It may appear amazingly pleasing to many that the largest political party in the world draws its strength from its vibrant internal democracy that it practices rigorously. A party which was formed to represents a set of principles and commitments along with a distinct philosophy has come a long way while growing continuously, expanding and consolidating itself in the Indian political landscape. The party has remained dynamic by keeping its unflinching faith in democracy intact while making way for new ideas and leadership. A party based on ideology and having faith in its karyakartas, uncompromising in its principles and committed to its goals can only endeavour to safeguard its longheld belief in nurturing internal democracy in the party so assiduously. Before the election of the national president this time, a membership drive was conducted making the party still bigger, from a membership of more than 11 crore to the current membership of more than 17 crore people. The membership drive was followed by enrolement of “Active Members” of the party.

Thereafter the election of the presidents from Mandals to Districts and States were held. It may surprise anyone that such a huge electoral exercise was undertaken within the organization as 75% of the booth committees were constituted, 50% of the mandals had their presidents elected, 60% of the District presidents were elected and 21 states had their elected presidents already in charge. Apart from these, members of the National Executive Council were also elected from different states. It is unimaginable for any other political party in the country and it is also one of the reasons that BJP has been growing exponentially all these years.

The last five and half years were very significant for the party. The party under the presidentship of Shri Amit Shah not only achieved many milestones in electoral terms but also saw organisational expansion and consolidation. In the wake of election victory of 2014, soon after taking over from Shri Rajnath Singh, the then BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah moved ahead with the resolve to make BJP the largest political party of the world.

This resolve turned into reality by the tireless efforts of the millions of karyakartas who worked hard under the guidance of Shri Amit Shah. It was followed by Maha Sampark Abhiyan and Prashikshan Abhiyan aiming to establish contacts with the newly inducted members and training the “Active Members” of the party. The organization was also re-structured with the creation of Departments and Prakalps and efforts to construct offices in every district. The party expanded its base by entering into areas which were hitherto considered impossible for BJP. The resounding victory in Assam, Tripura, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh has changed the political history of the country. Apart from victories across the country, BJP became a power to reckon with in many states where it was considered organizationally weak. Under the visionary leadership of Shri Amit Shah, it was a huge achievement of the party.

Bharatiya Janata Party is a unique party and an invaluable gift to the Indian democracy. The founding leaders of the party realized that for the democracy to succeed in the country, a party having vibrant internal democracy is a must. While today most of the political parties are overtaken by dynastic politics, BJP stands committed to the principles of internal democracy in the country. It is the party of the karyakartas, a party committed to its principles. As the outgoing BJP National President Shri Amit Shah has said that there are many more milestones yet to be achieved, in the words of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi it can be said that there is no doubt that under the leadership of the new BJP National President Shri JP Nadda, party will touch newer heights in the days to come.