“BJP converting growing people support to party into extensive people-organizsation”

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The BJP has entrusted the responsibility of training programme of the party to its National General Secretary and the party in-charge of Karnataka &Tamil Nadu Shri Muralidhar Rao. Kamal Sandesh Associate Editor Vikash Anand discussed with Shri Rao on ongoing-training programme of party karykartas and current political state of affairs in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Here, we are giving excerpts from the interview for our esteemed readers:

You are in-charge of BJP Training Department. Right now, what are the ongoing activities pertaining to training?

The BJP, through Prashikshan especially from 2014 onwards, is converting growing people support to the party into extensive people-organization. We have trained active workers, different categories of office bearers and also trained workers with specific responsibilities at length. In toto, the training department has trained almost 10 lakh party workers which is a record in the world history of any political party. In view of the 2019 general election the trained workers have to advance the programme of making communication with people. In totality, it aims to make organization stronger at booth level. We have trained workers to communicate with people by listening and collecting their grievances at local level. We are also giving special and extensive training for interacting with media and new media. Also, we are providing special training about the government achievements to be taken to the related sections of people. We are also preparing extensive training programme for active members who are going to work intensively in coming general election.

The BJP is the only political party which is emphasizing so much on training of Karykartas. Why?

Look, other parties do not consider organization and its workers as base of the party. In this situation, these parties work on an alternative base. They adopt short-cut methods, want to take benefits from the existing caste, caste-groups and their organizations. They never rise above caste-politics. Their claim to represent all sections of society is only for namesake. But in practice they are only for some particular caste-groups. Like the Congress, we find most of parties, from Kashmir to Kanykumari, have become party of a family. For party of a family, karykarta training, karykarta development, empowerment of organization, intra-party communication, maintaining democratic value of the party-organization, regular election within party organization are illogical and irrelevant. So, it is natural that new workers, their training and giving responsibilities based on training are a myth for them.

You are BJP State in-charge of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is among few states where BJP did not form government yet. What are the steps being taken to make a strong organization in Tamilnadu?

In last five years, our organization has become stronger in Tamilnadu. It is progressing continuously. With the demise of Jayalalitha ji, and Karunanidhi ji there is a void in politics of Tamilnadu. And second factor is appeal of Narendra Modiji among people and their desire to give BJP a chance. The types of governments that have ruled the state has appalled the people. The system is plagued by rampant corruption. There is no development. Now people are thinking for change. In coming days, BJP will be stronger. And the party has decided to prepare itself to form a good alliance in the state. The party will make progress on the basis of coalition. Which party will be part of the coalition will be decided in October.

The Karnataka government has completed two months. What is your opinion on the working of the government?

The party which has won only 37 seats out of 224 has formed the government in the State. Forming such government is not good morally as well as practically. The functioning of present coalition government is based on blackmailing, exploitation and corruption. So in principle running a stable government in Karnataka is not possible.

Nowadays, NRC has become a burning issue. Why are opposition parties opposing it?

It is absolutely a constitutional issue. It has been discussed since 1951. The issue has historical background of 1985. Illegal migration happened in Assam. It is not only an issue of Assam and its citizenship but much more than that. What is the identity of Assam? The question is of Assamese or non Assamese? Illegal infiltraion has changed the demographics of different districts of Assam. That is why Assamese people feel insecure. Their identity is in danger. On the issue of illegal infiltraion a long agitation took place in Assam. In the presence of the then PM Rajiv Gandhi, the signing of the Assam Accord between representatives of the Government of India and the leaders of the Assam movement took place in 1985.

In 2005, Mamata Banerjee raised the issue of illegal infiltration in the parliament. What is the reason behind Mamata’s sudden U-turn now ?

Today there is a competition between the Congress and Mamta Banerjee for garnering votes of Bangladeshi infiltrators. This act is not only unconstitutional but it is also against the country. Therefore, we have to fight on the issue of illegal infiltration. Today, people of Assam have rejected the Congress, if it continues with this approach; the country will reject the congress in coming days again. I think it will happen.