BJP will officially commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day on September 17th every year : Amit Shah

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Union Home and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah released the BJP Vision Document-2023 for the Telangana Assembly elections in Hyderabad on 18 November, 2023. After launching the BJP Vision Document Shri Shah said the assurances made in the manifesto are ‘PM Modi guarantee’ to the public. According to the party’s Vision Document, BJP has decided to officially commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day on September 17th every year.

Shri Shah said, “We will observe August 27 as Razakar Horrors Remembrance Day to pay homage to the martyrs of Bairanpally and Parkal”.

The Union Home Minister also targeted Congress and said that they were always against giving statehood to Telangana. “This manifesto is PM Shri Modi’s guarantee to Telangana,” he said.

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah further stated that Chief Minister KCR avoided celebrating Hyderabad Liberation Day as he was scared of AIMIM. “Under KCR’s leadership, Telangana democracy turned into loot tantra and prajatantra has turned into parivartantra,” he said

Key announcements of the Vision Document

• Every year on September 17, Hyderabad Liberation Day is observed to raise awareness.
• Razakar Vibhishika Memorial Day will also be observed on August 27 to pay tribute to the martyrs of Vairanapalli Parakan. Telangana government will celebrate both of these days.
• A zero-tolerance policy will be made towards corruption, under which corruption cases will be investigated by a retired Supreme Court judge and the culprits will be put behind bars.
• To fulfil the aspirations of the backward classes and provide them with social justice, the next Chief Minister of Telangana will be from the backward class.
• The unconstitutional religion-based reservation of 4 percent will be abolished and the reservation of OBC, SC and ST will be increased in population ratio.
• Fast track arrangements for sub-categorization in SC reservation will be made to ensure that the majority of the deprived SCs will be empowered.
• Rs. 2500 per acre to be provided to small and marginal farmers for assistance with seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.
• Export will be promoted by setting up turmeric processing centers for farmers.
• If BJP government is formed in Telangana, Ujjwala beneficiaries will be given 4 free cylinders in a year.
• On the birth of the daughter, a fixed deposit of Rs. 2lakh will be given as a gift, which will be received when the daughter turns 21 years of age.
• Free laptops will be given to students studying in graduate, degree and professional courses.
• Loans will be provided to women self-help groups at only 1 percent interest.
• To make the livelihood of marginal farmers easier, cows will be given to willing farmers free of cost.
• Coverage up to RS. 10 lakh per family, per year, will be provided for secondary and tertiary healthcare in public and private hospitals.
• The case before the Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal will be presented properly to ensure Telangana gets its due share of water.
• If BJP is formed in Telangana, a committee will be formed to implement UCC (Uniform Civil
• Code) in the state which will implement UCC within 6 months.