Indian Economy on ‘Very Solid Track’: International Monetary Fund Chief

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IMF chief Christine Lagarde on October 15, 2017 said the Indian economy is on a “very solid track” in the mid-term. “We believe that India is for the medium and long-term on a growth track that is much more solid as a result of the structural reforms that have been conducted in India in the last couple of years,” the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said. Describing the two major recent reforms in India – the note ban and Goods and Services Tax (GST) – as a monumental effort, Ms Lagarde said it is hardly surprising that there “is a little bit of a short-term slowdown” as a result. “But for the medium term, we see a very solid track ahead for the Indian economy,” she said to a question on India.

“We very much hope that the combination of fiscal, because the deficit has been reduced, inflation has been down significantly, and the structural reforms will actually deliver the jobs that the Indian population, particularly the young Indian people expect in the future,” Ms Lagarde said.

-Long-term growth track much more solid, she says

-A little bit of a short-term slowdown was not surprising.

-Structural reforms will actually deliver the jobs