Let’s realise the vision of ‘New India’

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The Political Resolution was moved by BJP National General Secretary Shri Bhupendra Yadav at the BJP National Executive meeting on 25 September, 2017 in Delhi. This resolution was seconded by UP CM Shri Yogi Adityanath & Bihar Deputy CM Shri Sushil Modi.
The Political Resolution emphasized that the government policies on terrorism & separatism, social justice, foreign affairs, opportunities for dignity of life for women and inclusive economic policies for the welfare of the downtrodden have earned enormous trust of the people. The National Executive commends Hon’ble Prime Minister for his leadership in providing policies dedicated to the all round development of our nation that have yielded great results.

We are publishing the excerpts of the Political Resolution for our esteemed readers:

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s development centric policies have earned him unprecedented trust & support from among the people. The policies of the BJP Government led by Shri Narendra Modi are forward-looking, dedicated to public welfare & economic well being & also are geared to enhance India’s prestige globally.

The government policies on terrorism & separatism, social justice, foreign affairs, opportunities for dignity of life for women and inclusive economic policies for the welfare of the downtrodden have earned enormous trust of the people.

The National Executive commends Hon’ble Prime Minister for his leadership in providing policies dedicated to the all round development of our nation that have yielded great results. Some of those accomplishments are being highlighted below:

1. Foundation for a transparent economy

The BJP led Central Government has delivered on its promise made to the people regarding corruption & black money. In this context, the overwhelming public support for demonetization needs to be underscored.

This one major decision has broken the backbone of the black market as well as the black money hoarders. This one major decision has secured unprecedented success in paving the way for strengthening the foundations of a transparent economy, it has also paved the way for honest. Digital cash transfer for schemes such as MNREGA, Gas Subsidies, scholarships, pensions & other social welfare schemes has facilitated transparency in the lives of the beneficiaries. This systemic transformation has led to huge rise in the income tax payers base in the country. Volume of the digital transactions has multiplied, circulation of the high denomination currency notes has reduced considerably.

Central government policies have brought rewards for honesty iin public life, the government deserves rich compliments for bringing in a transparent economic system.

2. GST : One Nation – One Tax

The longstanding demand of the country for “One Nation-One Tax” has been fulfilled by the BJP led government at the Centre.

After demonetization, this is the second historic step in the direction of reforms in the indirect taxes regime. Implementation of GST has increased ease of doing business in the country by resolving the problems faced by the trader community. Besides bringing in ease of business, the burden of taxes on items of day to day use has been considerably reduced. The Government is consistently resolving the difficulties being faced by the people and the traders during the initial period of the implementation of this tax. It is a historic achievement of the central government to take into confidence all the state governments in the true spirit of federalism while implementing the GST. A system of monthly meetings of the GST Council to take people friendly progressive decisions have been put in place. The National Executive wishes to thank Hon’ble Prime Minister & Hon’ble Finance Minister for this great achievement.

3. Tough Stand against Terrorism & Separatism

Right from the beginning, the Central government led by Shri Narendra Modi has adopted the tough policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism & separatism. Following this policy, the government has taken tough measures in tackling the terrorists & their supporters, the recent actions taken against terrorism along the borders of the country are evident to everyone. In last 6 months, many terrorists have been neutralized, which has led to downfall of the morale of terror establishment. The exemplrary sensitivity demonstrated by security forces worth mention and deserves compliment. People of Jammu & Kashmir have also appreciated the work of the government. Hon’ble Prime Minister has given priority to flood relief and developmental schemes in Jammu & Kashmir. The announcement of Rupees 80 Thousand Crore development package, 2 AIIMS, IIM, IIT, 5 medical colleges & an engineering college for Jammu and Kashmir will give an impetus to fast development of the state. These schemes have led to confidence building in Jammu & Kashmir.

It has achieved a remarkable balancing act between showing no mercy to terrorists while displaying a marked degree of sensitivity towards the common people of the state who are being used by the terrorist forces.

The consistent efforts of the Hon’ble Prime Minister in highlighting the dangers of terrorism on the global platform have had a tremendous impact.
The continuous efforts of the government in taking strict action against sources of foreign funding & hawala traders in aid of separatists is commendable. The actions of the current government have confirmed to the common citizen that this government is willing to take tough measures against terrorism. Simultaneously, the government has been working tirelessly on the development aspect.

Shri Narendra Modi led BJP government is to be congratulated for putting the spotlight on terrorism in the international forum, isolating Pakistan & exposing the role of terrorist organizations like Hizbul Mujahiddin in front of the international community.

4. Enhancing opportunities for a life of dignity & equality for women

The National Executive congratulates the government for its continuous efforts for the upliftment of women, and enabling them to live a life of dignity. The women centric schemes of the government like Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao, Sukanya Samaridhi Yojana & the Ujjwala Yojana have directly benefitted more than 3 crore women. The governments’ efforts in the direction of improving the gender ratio disparity in the country, correcting the narrow minded attitude of society towards women and efforts to educate the girl child are to be appreciated.

The government has taken steps to reform laws for a more secure working environment for women and improved maternity security measures.
The MUDRA scheme has also benefitted women immensely.

The National Executive welcomes the progressive stand taken by the government on the issue of triple talaq in front of the Supreme Court.
Ill practices like triple talaq were responsible for gender injustice as well as violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution. The government’s stand was clear that equality is a part of the basic structure of the constitution and hence cannot be violated. Every section of women including muslim women have welcomed this decision. On behalf of millions of women of this country, the National Executive wishes to congratulate the government for the historic step in the direction of upholding the dignity of women.

5. Government’s initiatives for welfare of Farmers

The government has given the prominent message of doubling the income of the farmers right up to the grass root level. Schemes like Soil Health card & Crop insurance have successfully improved the agricultural production and brought down the inherent uncertainties in the farming sector. To ensure comprehensive coverage of maximum farmers in distress, the government has kept Crop Insurance premiums very low and more drought prone areas have been covered. Started in 2015, the Prime Minister’s Irrigation scheme has a mandate to invest over 50 thousand crores in five years. The schemes for basic infrastructure in rural areas by the government have improved the lives of farmers. The National Executive expresses its gratitude to the government for its commitment to double the income of the farmers.

6. Youth development for Nation building

The National Executive consider this year as inspiring to the youth on the occasion of it being the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago address. To enable the youth to be part of nation building, the government has not only started a comprehensive dialogue on a new education policy but also is exploring new avenues & opportunities for self employment. Schemes like National Skill Development Mission, new national policies on Skill development & entrepreneurship and the PM Skill development scheme have been started for the integrated development of the youth. Along with the MUDRA scheme, Startup India and Standup is providing opportunities to the youth in the form of loans for employment generation through 125 lac bank branches; through which at least 1 SC, 1 ST & 1 Women entrepreneur will benefit. National Executive welcomes & congratulates the move by the government for integrated development of the youth.

7. Peaceful Resolution of Doklam

The National Executive congratulates the government for the peaceful resolution of the Doklam stand off aroused between India & China in June this year through diplomatic channels. This is a sign of mature politics & diplomatic victory of the government.

The skill, patience & firmness shown by the leadership while dealing with doklam dispute has not only strengthen the security concerns of the nation but also enhanced the prestige of India in the world. During the doklam crisis, constant communication & coordination with Bhutan has demonstrated India’s sensitivity towards the interest of our friendly neighbors and the government’s ‘Neighborhood First’ policy.

8. A Strong India in BRICS

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi 10-point agenda to tackle global challenges unitedly at the BRICS Summit is a constructive initiative.
The nations in the world have welcomed Shri Narendra Modi’s initiative as a positive step towards the concept of development.
National Executive also welcomes the fruitful dialogue between PM Modi & President Xi Jinping at the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, China. It is significant that both leaders have reiterated their stand at Astana, Kazakhstan that Good relations between India & China are important for maintaining World Peace.

It is the success of Government’s foreign policy that terrorism was at the forefront in the Resolution passed at BRICS summit 2017. The resolution has named & shamed several active dreaded terrorist’s organizations like Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish e Mohammad, Taliban & Haqqani network active in our neighborhood.

9. Primacy of sensibility in International Diplomacy

BJP Government, by displaying a humane & sensitive approach in diplomacy has improved and strengthened bilateral relations. This was visible during instances like the earthquake in Nepal, water crisis in Maldives, floods in Sri Lanka & Swine flu in Myanmar, where India has earnestly swung into action to help the neighbors during crisis situations.

The Government duly fulfilled its responsibilities when it provided humanitarian relief to Bangladesh for the Rohingya refugees while ensuring that internal security was not compromised for its 125 crore citizens.

The National Executive congratulates the central government for its many successful Diplomatic efforts like, whether it was rescuing Indian nationals from Yemen, Kerala nurses from the middle east, Father Alex Prem Kumar from Afghanistan, Father Tom from Yemen or freeing Zudit Dsouza of Kolkata from kidnappers in Kabul.

10. Strengthening Basic Infrastructure Development

National Executive congratulates BJP led Government at the Centre for taking infrastructure development in India to a new Horizon & also finishing up the old projects. In this process, final phase of the Sardar Sarovar project on the river Narmada has been completed & commissioned. We congratulate Hon’ble Prime Minister for laying foundation of the “Bullet Train” project, which is a joint venture project of India & Japan.

11. Political Violence – Curse for Democracy

National Executive welcomes the assurance given by the Prime Minister to the public to keep the ideological violence & narrow-mindedness in check.
The violence against our Karyakartas by opposition party workers in Tripura, Kerala & West Bengal is disheartening & against the democratic ethos of the nation. In last 14 months, 14 of our karyakartas were brutally killed in Kerala, National Executive condemns this deadly act of violence. The National Executive strongly condemns the violence and killings of journalists in a democracy like India.

12. Commitment towards Constitutional rights of Backward classes

BJP led Government has a clear vision of achieving the objectives of Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas. In this direction there was long pending demand for the constitutional recognistion of Socially & educationally backward classes. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took up this matter with all seriousness and decided to extend the constitutional status to the OBC commission. The constitutional amendment bill was passed by Lok Sabha, but due to obstructionist behaviour of Congress in Rajya Sabha, it could not become a reality. BJP is committed in getting constitutional status to OBC Commission and also condemns Congress for taking Anti-OBC stand in Rajya Sabha.

13. Mission of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Birth Centenary Year

Bharatiya Janata Party celebrated the Birth Centenary Year (25 September 2016- 25 September 2017) of Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay as Year of upliftment of downtrodden. BJP led governments at the Centre as well in the states have further economically empowered the exploited and the weaker sections through various schemes for welfare of the downtrodden.

During Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay birth centenary year, National President Shri Amit Shah has undertaken extensive tour of the country to strengthen party’s mass base & booth network, organizational stability, expanding the ideological base and qualitative expansion of the party activity.
To increase the party base, National President Shri Amit Shah started Deen Dayal Vistarak Yojana from Naxalbari in Bengal. It is a matter of pride that from Ladakh to Lakshadweep 4 Lakh short term Vistaraks were dispatched & more than 4 Thousand longterm Vistaraks were deployed across the nation to expand the party base.

To strengthen the party base of the Bharatiya Janata Party at booth level, these vistaraks were commissioned to encourage people from across society to join the party, booth committee formation and converting 6 booth level activities into permanent features. This would enable the BJP to make its slogan of “Shashakt BJP-Samarth BJP” into a reality.

Extensive organizational tour of the National President has conceptualized various activities of the party like Administrative foundation, Office building, interaction with intellectuals, decision making style of the core committee, road map for the various BJP governments, honoring the veterans of the Jana Sangh. It also created a system to ideologically train the elected representatives as well as laid the ground work of the responsibilities of their roles. This tour Programme will be a milestone in organizational & qualitative strengthening of the party.

14. New India – Sankalp se Siddhi

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has set the mission for building a New India by 2022, when India completes 75 years of its independence.

The Sankalp se Sidhi programme will forward the country to a New India by 2022, the National Executive is of the firm view that if the 125 crore countrymen adopt the pledge of the New India, nobody can stop it from becoming a reality.

New India consists of six pledges:

• Poverty Free India :

Under the aegis of New India Mission, we are committed to making India free of poverty by 2022, where everyone has a house to live, proper healthcare facilities accessible to every citizen, ample opportunities of self employment for everyone. In this direction. Central government has started & implementing various schemes of public importance to realise our commitments towards ‘Antyodaya’.

• Clean India

The sign of a good society & a prosperous nation is cleanliness. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has shaped the “Swacha Bharat Abhiyan” as a public movement by connecting it with moral responsibility of every citizen. We pledge for a New India with clean society & clean India.

• Terrorism Free India

Terrorism is a biggest threat for the entire world. Central government is strictly dealing with terrorism at all levels. We pledge to make India free from this menace under the aegis of New India.

• Casteism Free India

Trading the path of Social justice, our Prime Minister has pledged to eradicate the evil of social disparity in the New India. Equality in society will act as a catalyst in building a better & strong Nation by 2022.

• Communalism Free India

In building New India, we pledge for communal harmony in the society.

• Corruption Free India

Hon’ble Prime Minister has taken various epoch making steps towards eliminating corruption. We pledge to make India free of corruption by 2022.
The National Executive heartily congratulates Hon’ble Prime Minister for his Vision of New India. National Executive also welcomes Prime Minister’s popular public movement “Sankalp se Siddhi” and the initiatives taken up to eliminate poverty, corruption, terrorism, casteism & communalism by 2022.

BJP appeals to 125 crore citizens of India to walk hand in hand under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister to realise the vision of New India.