Many Padma awardees are those friends among us, who always dedicate their lives to the principle of “Nation first”:PM

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Talking about the Padma awards, he said that this time there has been a good representation of the tribal community and people associated with tribal life among the Padma awardees. He added, “Many great personalities who have worked on tribal languages like Toto, Ho, Kui, Kuvi and Manda have received Padma Awards. He added, People working with tribals like Siddhi, Jarawa and Onge have also been honoured this time. Such as…Hirabai Lobi, Ratan Chandra Kar and Ishwar Chandra Verma Ji. PM said, “This year the echoes of the Padma Awards are being heard even in those areas which used to be Naxal affected. Due to their efforts, those who show the right path to the misguided youth in Naxalite affected areas have been honoured with Padma awards.”

PM added “This time among the Padma awardees are those people who have expertise in spreading the melody of our traditional musical instruments like Santoor, Bamhum, Dwitara. Ghulam Mohammad Zaz, Moa Su-Pong, Ri-Singhbor Kurka-Long, Muni-Venkatappa and Mangal Kanti Rai are just a few of the names that are being discussed all around.” He added,Many Padma awardees are those friends among us, who always kept the country paramount, dedicating their lives to the principle of “Nation first”.

The Mother of Democracy

The PM in this episode discussed about a book which he had received a few weeks ago, named ‘The Mother of Democracy” comprises many excellent essays. He said

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the 97th edition of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, on 29th January

“Democracy is in our veins, it is in our culture – it has been an integral part of our work for centuries. By nature, we are a Democratic Society.”

International Yoga Day and International Year of Millets

The Prime Minister said, “In fact, the United Nations has taken the decision of both International Yoga Day and International Year of Millets after India’s proposal. Secondly, yoga is also related to health and millets also play an important role in health. The third thing is more important – a revolution is on the way because of public participation in both campaigns.


He expressed happiness that G-20 summit events are going on in every corner of India and he said wherever the G-20 summit is being held, nutritious and tasty dishes made from millets are included in it.


“Today devices like Mobile Phone, Laptop, Tablet have become common in every household. Their number will be in Billions across the country. Today’s latest devices are also future’s E-Waste. Whenever someone buys a new device or replaces one’s old device, it becomes necessary to keep in mind whether it is discarded properly or not. If E-Waste is not disposed of properly, it can also harm our environment. But, if done carefully, it can become a great force in the Circular Economy of Recycle and Reuse. It was mentioned in a United Nations report that 50 million tonnes of E-Waste is being thrown every year.

Wetland sites’

Speaking about the importance of wetland sites protected under the Ramsar Convention, he reminded about the importance of observing the World Wetlands Day on February 2. He said Ramsar sites are such wetlands which are of International Importance.