National OBC Morcha Prashikshan Varg Held

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Participating in the valedictory session of BJP National OBC Morcha Prashikshan Varg in Bengaluru, Karnataka, BJP National President Shri JP Nadda said we can proudly say that no other party can come and present the statistics of inclusive development and progress like the BJP can.

Speaking to the participants of the BJP National OBC Morcha Shri Nadda called upon party karyakartas and leaders to ensure that the OBCs do not stay away from the party. The backward castes are a large group and party workers must ensure that nobody from this group stays away from the BJP, Shri Nadda said. The BJP should lead all the groups, he added.

The BJP National President said party karyakartas should start identifying their caste as BJP. “Our identity should be BJP” he added. “Everybody must identify themselves with the caste known as BJP. Everybody’s caste should be the BJP. There should be pride in all the castes that their members are a part of the BJP,” he said.
Shri Nadda said Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken several historic initiatives to unite every caste and community. He is trying to create a beautiful bouquet of all communities and castes for the progress of the country. Shri Nadda said all Karyakartas of the party should contribute to strengthen it.

The BJP President also said all party workers should switch off their mobile phones for a day and meditate to find out the direction in which the country should move and work towards attaining the goal.