PM Modi’s courage to stand out against injustice

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 PM Modi Story                                                                          By : Nita Sevak

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been courageous to denounce injustice and stand up for the people and their rights from the very early stage of his life. There have been several occasions where Shri Modi stood firm against injustice and fought for the rights of commoners throughout his public life.

Smt. Nita Sevak from Rashtra Sevika Samiti in Gujarat shares an anecdote on how Shri Narendra Modi in his early years denounced injustice at an occasion.

Shri Narendra Modi was once travelling by the state transport bus to Dhandhuka village in Gujarat to attend a program. Smt. Nita Sevak was also travelling with him. An elderly woman had mistakenly boarded the same bus. When conductor approached her for ticket, she told him her destination. The conductor then replied that the bus wasn’t going to that route.

Poor woman already troubled by boarding the wrong bus wanted to get off but conductor refused to stop the bus stating that the bus would halt at the next stop only.

After sometime, the conductor got the bus stopped to allow a staff member board the bus midway without the allotted stoppage on the route.

Shri Narendra Modi then confronted the conductor over his attitude. He told him strictly that the state transport bus is meant for public and not the personal use of the conductor. He also said that it is a facility provided to the common man by the government, being a staff doesn’t mean that the conductor was entitled to run it in his own way.

Terming conductor’s attitude inappropriate, Shri Modi scolded him and warned that he would complain against his behaviour.

Then, Shri Modi got the bus to stop and assisted the elderly woman deboard the bus.
Afterwards, Shri Modi came back to the conductor and asked him not to repeat such behaviour with anyone else. He also suggested him to lend a helping hand to those who are in need, more specifically if the person is an elderly and require assistance.