Doomsayers will be defeated, nation will come out victorious

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The violence in West Bengal by TMC goons in the wake of assembly election results is extremely unfortunate and highly condemnable. In West Bengal, selective targeting of BJP karyakartas and their families, arsoning of their houses and BJP offices, murder and rape speaks volumes of the culture of violence perpetrated by the Communists-Congress duo for decades and currently carried forward by the TMC hooligans. In any civilized society such incidents are highly deplorable and against the principles on which a democratic society rests. It is clear that the TMC does not believe in democratic culture and seeks to perpetrate its rule through brutal violence and use of naked force. As the people of West Bengal are watching these incidents of violence, and the entire country taking note of it, the BJP while acting as a responsible opposition will work tirelessly to realize the dreams of the ‘Sonar Bangla’ in the days to come.
The results of the assembly elections held to the five states have further strengthened the resolve of BJP to serve the people with full commitment and dedication. The people of Assam have blessed the BJP government again with their decisive mandate while in West Bengal BJP has become a formidable opposition in the assembly for the first time. As Congress and Left failed to win even a single seat in West Bengal assembly, the manifold rise in BJP tally shows the heralding of an era of development and progress in the state. Now, it is certain that the politics of West Bengal is set to take a turn and BJP karyakartas will left no stone unturned in realising their dream of ‘Sonar Bangla’ in the coming days. The formation of NDA government in Puducherry further shows the faith of people in the programmes and policies of BJP. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, DMK led front and LDF have formed the government respectively.
The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic is posing new challenges to people in many states. The scale of the second wave is so high that not only it has exceeded the limits of the existing medical infrastructure but also the requirements of doctors, nurses and other medical staffs are high. The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken many decisions to boost availability of Covid-19 personnel to fight the pandemic. In a fire fighting mode, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi continuously spoke to chief ministers of affected states, concerned officials, experts and professionals of medical fraternity, leaders of industries and pharma sector and vaccine manufacturers to speed up the supply of oxygen, medical equipments and medicines while making arrangements so that more and more beds are available for the Covid-19 patients and spearheading the vaccination drive. In the meantime, the Prime Minister has also taken care of the poorer sections of the society by making food grains available to eighty crore people during the current wave.
While the entire nation is united in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and many countries are extending helping hands to India, it is highly unfortunate to note that a section of opposition led by Congress is trying to break the morale of the people by resorting to false propaganda campaigns. The nation will never forget and forgive this handful of people who kept their political interests above the national interests and sought to reap political dividend out of the pandemic. The same group had resorted to same kind of mischievous campaign during the first wave of the pandemic with the aim of creating panic in the country. As they failed in their first attempt, so they are doomed to fail in this attempt also. The united spirit of nation cannot be defeated by spreading panic and negativity; it will further strengthen the will of the nation to tide over the crisis as before. The doomsayers will be defeated, the nation will come out victorious.