United India will defeat Covid-19 pandemic again

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The nation is hit again by corona wave with a greater magnitude this time. The sudden outburst of the pandemic and its quick spread has created grave situations in many part of the country. As the pandemic is resulting in the loss of many valuable lives, the doctors, nurses, medical staffs, lab technicians, ambulance drives, sanitation workers, police and security persons along with a large number of Corona warriors are gallantly fighting the Covid-19 storm with determination and fortitude. While the nation was able to successfully tide over the challenges of first wave of the pandemic, the intensity of the second wave seems too high and all efforts are being made to control it as soon as possible. In such hour of crisis, the people have come forward to help each other showing a rare kind of solidarity and a determination to win over the pandemic at all cost.
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on 20 April 2021 reassured the nation that the government will leave no stone unturned to change the situation at the earliest. In a series of meetings, the Prime Minister not only reviewed the situation continuously but brought different parts of system in tandem, streamlining their coordination while speeding up the work to provide immediate relief to the people. In a meeting held with the chief ministers of 11 most affected states, the Prime Minister assured full support to them and called for working together to fight the pandemic and fulfil the requirements of oxygen and medicines. Addressing a meeting of the governors he urged them to play crucial role in coordinating efforts between centre, state government and the society while harnessing the power of all community organizations, political parties, NGOs and social institutions. He has also reviewed the preparedness of the public health response to Covid-19, interacted with the leading doctors of the country, leaders of the pahrma sector and also the vaccine manufacturers.
BJP National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda has made a call to the BJP karyakartas to reach the needy and to provide relief to them at any cost. It is to be noted that during the first wave of pandemic BJP karyakartas served crores of people throughout the national lockdown by their tireless work chanting the mantra of ‘Seva hi Sangathan’. While interacting with MPs of various states through video conference, the BJP National President has asked them to start the campaign, ‘Apna Booth, Corona Mukta’ and serve the people in this hour of crisis. As per the direction of the BJP National President, the BJP MPs are in close touch with their party karykartas and booth level functionaries and carrying out relief works. The BJP karyakartas are also conducting vaccination awareness campaigns explaining the people about the vaccination programme and encouraging them to get vaccinated.
In the face of sudden crisis, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is continuously monitoring the situation so that oxygen, medicines and other medical facilities are made available to the affected people. The immediate need is to increase medical facilities, ensure targeted treatment of patients, boosting medical infrastructure and supplies and clinical management. While oxygen supply has been boosted through oxygen express and by deploying aircrafts for the purpose, all the public-private sector companies producing oxygen have also been roped in to mitigate the crisis. The medicine supply has also been augmented by mobilising the pharma sector across the country. The efforts for containment, vaccination and community engagement is also being followed with ‘Tika Utsav’ and vaccination drive for everyone above 18 years of age from 1st May 2021. The Prime Minister has also approve setting up of 551 oxygen plants across the country in addition to one lacportable oxygen concentrators from PM Cares Fund. There is no doubt that India is united and will definitely overcome the Covid-19 challenges very soon and defeat the pandemic once again.